Kathryn C. Wilson

Kathryn Carling Wilson has been a part of the Salt Lake City Art Scene for over 40 years.  She is best recognized for landscape and floral painting in both watercolor and oil.  However, Kathy will surprise you with her contemporary abstract paintings ranging from acrylic starbursts to modern, clean lined landscapes.

Kathy used her popular artistic status to serve the Salt Lake community by hosting and organizing fund raising support for multiple causes, including Micro-credit, Education, World health awareness, Woman's and children's issues, alleviating poverty and hunger, and, of course, the Arts.  Kathy's devotion to her Community and her innate desire to help others put her on several boards including The Utah Arts Council, The Children's Center, The Mesa, Utah Bolivian Partners, The Utah Woman's Art Project, RESULTS, and Sunstone.

Not only is Kathy an exceptional Community leader, she's also a savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur.  She Currently owns and runs Sego Art and Frame, featuring a full selection of the finest in current Utah Art, artistic merchandise and quality custom picture framing.  Kathy's formally owned businesses include Carling Gallery, The Garden Gallery, Trolley Stop, The Cotton Kid, Gallery One, Urban Arts, The Ice Cream Store at Trolley Square, and The General Store at Trolley Square.

Kathy is the mother of five successful children, and a wonderful grandmother to her 12 grandchildren.  She spends much of her free time involved in world issues, painting, reading, gardening, traveling and enjoying her friends and family.